Monthly Challenges

Monthly Challenges are designed to give you small, achievable goals to get you moving, both on and off the bike.


Your Ride, Your Choice

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In this month's challenge, you'll get a taste of the diversity in our Wahoo SYSTM library and types of workouts. Our channels offer immersive structured workouts to meet your mood, whether you're looking to maximize your training gains, stay inspired during a recovery ride, or want to get the pro perspective - it's your ride and your choice!

EF Explore 2023 - Episode 3


49 TSS

Galicia: Corcubión to Fisterra


41 TSS

The Rookie


75 TSS

UCI Centre 3: Velodrome


99 TSS

Training Plan available

We also created a training plan for you this month with all workouts on Mondays for the weeks of April.

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New Channel

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Get ready for the season with EF Pro Cycling. Set in the stunning landscape of Girona, this NEW workout series takes you behind the scenes to discover what life is really like on a team training camp with exclusive interviews from the riders, the team directors and the support staff.

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