How It

1. Download and install Rouvy to your PC, iOS or Android device

2. Connect your KICKR to Rouvy via Bluetooth or ANT+

3. Enjoy immersive Indoor Cycling Reality!!



Rouvy virtually brings remote riders together onto any road on the planet by generating and processing animated 3D objects in 2D real videos. Real-life and GPS-synced route videos are now mixed with augmented overlays for the most realistic training and racing.

Virtual-But-Real Routes

Simulate an outdoor ride indoors. Bike the planet with over 2,000 geo-synced video routes. Your Wahoo Smart Trainer will automatically adjust its resistance based on the current slope.

Interactive & Structured Workouts

Ride guided videos, TrainingPeaks auto-synced workouts and explore 4,000 workouts created and shared by the community.

Which KICKR Trainer is right for your workout?

KICKR and KICKR SNAP are both incredibly powerful Smart Trainers not to be confused with entry-level solutions. Determining which Smart Trainer is right for you depends on your training goals, desired training experience and what type of feedback you need to measure performance and progress.