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Fastest Known Time

"The west Highland way is a true Scottish adventure… it’s like this crescendo of adventure & beauty. Just every step or every pedal stroke it just gets more and more gnarly. I’ve been planning this ride for well over a year. It’s definitely a physical and a mental challenge, it’s a test of endurance, it’s a test of bike handling. The goal this time isn’t so much to push through the pain or suffer through it, the goal this time is to use my head.” - Rab Wardell

Rab Wardell’s attempt to mountain bike the West Highland Way in the fastest known time ever.

Check out the planning and preparation it took to achieve this goal.

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96 miles (155 km) & 10,351 ft (3155 m) of climbing, filled with strong headwinds, rough rocky descents and hike a bike sections of grueling steep grades.

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