Hello International Customers!

Wahoo Fitness has a global network of four warehouses to support you. Our website was designed to support the international customer. Please feel confident in ordering directly from this website.

Shipping Pricing

Enjoy A$9.99 shipping on all products except the KICKR Power Trainer


Our website is translated into local languages with prices presented in local currency. Our transaction processing company is used to handling forms of payment for the local market.

  • We ship to over 97 countries. Our website handles shipping and forms of payment for all of these.
  • Our website is safe and secure. Use your credit card or paypal to order in local currency.


All products purchased from WahooFitness.com will be shipped from one of our global warehouses. We stock product in the United States, Netherlands, Australia, and Hong Kong. This means:

  • Reduced shipping costs: our 4 distribution centers ensure that shipping costs are minimized for our consumers who support Wahoo by purchasing direct
  • Better Support: if there is a problem with a Wahoo product and it warrants a return, having local warehouses allows us to get a product processed and returned quickly.


Our products & apps are tailored for the local market.

  • Wahoo App: Our App is localized into 7 languages - Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian and German.
  • Electrical supply: the KICKR ships with a electrical supply cord for the local market.


We have a team of people to answer your questions via our support wesbite (support.wahoofitness.com). All of our instructions are available online at wahoofitness.com/instructions. Both are easily translated using google translate. We typically get back to people within 24 hours.