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Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team
Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team

Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team

Road Cycling
United States

Founded in 2009, Hagens Berman Axeon is a UCI Professional Continental cycling team based in the United States. Wahoo Fitness is committed to the future of professional cycling through a sponsorship of Hagens Berman Axeon Pro Cycling Team, who will be racing with Wahoo devices in 2018. Now in its tenth season as a professional cycling development program, Hagens Berman Axeon remains under the ownership and direction of former Belgian National Champion, Axel Merckx – son of five-time Tour de France champion Eddy Merckx.


"Since our program is all about developing the strengths of individual riders, we’re particularly excited to utilize Wahoo’s category-leading customization to tailor training metrics and ride data specific to each rider’s individual needs.” - Axel Merckx

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Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team
  • Paris-Roubaix Espoirs (U23 Paris-Roubaix), Taylor Phinney (2009)
  • US U23 Road Race Championships - Neilson Powless (2017)
  • US Road Race Championships - Gregory Daniel (2016)
  • US U23 Cyclocross National Championship - Christopher Blevins (2017)
  • U23 World Championships Individual Time Trial - Mikkel Bjerg (2017)

Past Riders Include:

  • Ian Boswell (Katusha)
  • Alex Dowsett (Katusha)
  • Joe Dombrowski (EF Education First)
  • Taylor Phinney (EF Education First)
  • Chris Lawless (Sky)

Q&A with Axeon Cycling

Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team

Q: What makes you a Wahooligan?

A: William Barta: Chasing the data.

Michael Rice: A cyclist with interest in an accurate and reliable way to record training data.

Jonathan Brown: Using the best bike computer on the market.

Ian Garrison: That I'm a part of Wahoo family and I wouldn't be able to do my job without my ELEMNT BOLT!

Jasper Philipsen: The will of doing always better.

Q: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

A: Maikel Zijlaard: Joining the hagens berman axeon team

João Almeida: Becoming a professional cyclist

William Barta: 4th in Liege Bastogne Liege and 3rd in Course de la Paix Juniors

Michael Rice: Probably winning the u19 Australian Road Race Championship. I think this was a significant turning point for me to chase my dream of making a career in cycling.

Jonathan Brown: As a 17/18 year old junior I was able to win the national road race both years. The only junior in U.S. history to win both years.

Ian Garrison: Hitting the finish ride button every day.

Zeke Mostov: On my way to graduating from Middlebury College with a CS major

Jasper Philipsen: Making my dream my work this year as a pro for Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team

Q: What do you consider your biggest professional accomplishment to date?

A: Maikel Zijlaard: Winning the U23 Tour of Fanders.

João Almeida: Victory in Terre di Toscana l'Eroica

Michael Rice: Stage win at 2017 Redlands Bicycle Classic and Stage win 2016 Tour de Beauce.

Jonathan Brown: As a U23 sometimes not all accomplishments are winning a race. For me, my biggest achievement was being able to do the Tour of Utah in 2017. It is a dream for us to race against the biggest teams in the world and I got to line up against them for a whole week.

Ian Garrison: Stage win at Tour de Beauce

Zeke Mostov: 3rd at Junior World Championships in 2014

Jasper Philipsen: Stage win + Point jersey in Giro U23

Q: Do you have any race day rituals?

A: William Barta: I always take a shower before the race.

João Almeida: Being nervous

Michael Rice: Not really. I do like to pin my numbers the night before a race.

Jonathan Brown: Every race I do a few small things that are always the same. I pack my bag the night before and have everything in my race bag in exact spots. The morning of there is only one thing I do. No matter the race I just stay calm and remember why I race bikes. Its something that I love doing and I am living a dream. I just take it all in.

Ian Garrison: Listening to music.

Jasper Philipsen: Drink a hot milk with honey in the morning

Q: What are three training tip you would recommend to athletes?

A: Maikel Zijlaard: Have fun. Keep going. Battle yourself.

João Almeida: Rest a lot. Eat well. Trust your coach

William Barta: Make sure to have fun. Trust yourself. Be flexible

Michael Rice: Have fun. Explore the roads less traveled. Be consistent.

Jonathan Brown: 1. Firstly, as a cyclist stop messing with your position. Changing everything by millimeters all the time isn't helping you and you are just in your mind all the time. Go get a good bike fit and once they give you a fit stick with it. 2. I would say a tip for younger athletes in general is remember why you are doing your sport. You should always be enjoying it and sometimes its alright to be a young adult and not do everything "perfectly." 3. STOP EATING LIKE CRAP. You know as athletes you think since you are exercising so much you can "eat whatever you want" because you are burning calories. Yes, true you are burning an excess amount of calories, however, you should fuel your body with real, WHOLE foods. Our bodies are already full of inflammation as an athlete, so why add more onto it from eating processed foods.

Ian Garrison: 1. Eat and drink 2. Ride with other people 3. Always have fun

Zeke Mostov: Have fun, do a consistently mangeable amount of work, and surround your self with positive people.

Jasper Philipsen: Do good trainings but take your rest. Try not to focus to hard on the planned workout. But enjoy the rides with good company.

Q: What inspires and what motivates you to keep pushing and striving for personal greatness?

A: Maikel Zijlaard: Trying to get the best out of myself

João Almeida: Personal data and loving this sport

William Barta: I am always motivated by putting my best out there. Obviously as a competitor the ultimate motivation is winning; whether it be myself or a teammate. I also draw lots of motivation from all the people who support me such as my family, friends, girlfriend and team.

Michael Rice: I keep investing the hard work to be the best that I can be.

Jonathan Brown: Since I was a young kid I have always wanted to be a professional cyclist. Sometimes I think back to when I was younger when i'd dream of winning some of the monumental races. Now i'm in that position to do so, which makes it easy to keep pushing myself to make childhood dreams a reality.

Ian Garrison: My family

Zeke Mostov: Satisfaction from the integrity of my work

Jasper Philipsen: The power of will

Q: What do you love about Wahoo?

A: Maikel Zijlaard: It is super simple to use and it is really fast installing it and starting it up

William Barta: I love how simple it is to use, while still doing everything you need it to.

Michael Rice: Its user friendliness, so easy to navigate through the app to customize settings.

Jonathan Brown: I love my Wahoo ELEMNT the most. I'm never very good with technology and this has been the easiest most user friendly bike computer on the market.

Ian Garrison: It's made by cyclists for cyclists. It has everything you need and nothing you don't.

Zeke Mostov: Intuitive, well thought out device interface and integration with the phone app

Jasper Philipsen: Greatest and easiest to use bike computer I've had so far.